In 1986 Davco Winch System was formed in specializing in Davits, Cranes, Sunroof Opener Systems and Hydraulic Platforms. The innovative designs of the Davits and Cranes are patented in the U.S.A, Japan and Australia.

The company with it’s single minded dedication to quality and performance is now Australia’s leading manufacturer of Davits, Cranes, Sunroof Opener Systems and Hydraulic Platforms and is a preferred supplier to Stern First in Sydney and Lusty & Blundell in Auckland. We also offer a complete custom service to marine and boat manufacturers of all stainless steel equipment and fittings.

The company is always implementing updates and improvements to our product range with the addition of Hydraulic Swim Platforms over the last three years. The principles John Geros and George Geros bring the family heritage in the marine industry dating back over four generations. Their combined experience of marine and marketing expertise will help guide Davco Winch Systems into the new millennium.

Davco Winch Systems has a reputation for supplying quality long lasting products that meet the customer’s requirements every time. Complete packages are available for our products to include freight and boxing. We freight products to Norway, China, U.S.A, Taiwan, England, and New Zealand.

Materials used in production of our products are 316 grade stainless steel or hi-tensile marine grade aluminium. Different surface finishes are available from Powder Coating to Epoxy Paint, to Satin or Mirror finish on the stainless steel.

Our warranty coverage is World Wide and for a period of 12 months.