Hydraulic Swim Platform



Introducing the Hydraulic Swim Platform from Davco Winch Systems. Our hydraulic swim platform is designed with two-cylinder high-capacity design and patented rotating bar technology for smooth operation. Available in varying capacities, it is a perfect solution for boats of all sizes.

Our hydraulic swim platform is constructed with 316-grade stainless steel material and supplied as a complete unit with a hydraulic power pack & pump, pre-wired control box, handheld or radio remote control, control valves & solenoids, all hosing & fittings up to 8m, hand back-up pump, check valves to cylinders, earth leads and other components to meet all your needs.

At Davco Winch Systems, our team of experienced design and engineering team uses modern design and production techniques to ensure that our customers receive a quality, reliable and low-maintenance product.

We’re proud to offer Australian made options, supplying boat builders worldwide. Whether you’re looking for a larger capacity unit or a radio remote control, we have the perfect hydraulic swim platform for your needs. Contact us today to learn more about our comprehensive range of hydraulic swim platforms and find the perfect solution for your boating needs.


  • 316 Grade Stainless Steel Material
  • Supplied as a Complete Unit
  • Hydraulic Power Pack & Pump
  • Pre Wired with Control Box
  • Handheld or Radio Remote Control
  • Control Valves & Solenoids
  • All Hosing & Fittings up to 8m
  • Hand Back Up Pump
  • Check Valves to Cylinders
  • Earth Leads
  • House Design Team
  • Hydraulics Produced Locally
  • Modern Design & Production Technique
  • Quality Reliable Product
  • Low Maintenance
  • Supplying Boat Builders World Wide
  • Australian Made Options
  • Larger Capacity Units available
  • Radio Remote Control


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