Discover our range of innovative products designed to simplify your boating experience

Struggling to launch and retrieve your tender? Wasting precious time wrestling with cumbersome davits or battling with chocks that take forever to remove?
DAVCO™ understands the challenges boat owners face when it comes to tender management. That's why we've developed a range of innovative solutions designed to simplify your life on the water. Our products are built with ease of use, safety, and reliability in mind, so you can spend less time managing your tender and more time enjoying your boating experience.


Removable Chocks for Your Tender

With DAVCO AquaChocksTM you get the stability of a beautifully engineered reliable cradle system, with the flexibility to remove them within a minute, to return your favourite areas of your boat back to enjoyable playgrounds they should be without the tripping hazard of a conventional, clumsy, cradle system.


Effortless Tender Lifting

DAVCO AquaCranesTM are designed to be space-saving, without compromising on power. Used for launching and retrieving tenders or PWC's from your vessel, AquaCranesTM enable users to leave the outboard and other contents on the tender.
Available in a range of sizes from 250kg - 1,000kg.


Expand Your Boating Experience

DAVCOTM Hydraulic platforms have been at the industry forefront for over 25 years, with over 80 units a year being manufactured at our Gold Coast facility by our experienced and dedicated team of trade professionals. DAVCOTM is the only Australian-built hydraulic swim platform on the market that supplies both of Australia’s largest boat builders, catering to all your swim platform requirements.


Graceful Water Entry & Effortless Convenience

Take your hydraulic swim platform to another level. DAVCO AquaStairsTM are a revolutionary solution for seamless water entry and access to your platform. Climbing onto and off your boat can be a challenge, especially for children or older adults. AquaStairsTM eliminate the struggle, and enhance your boating experience.

accessories & spare parts

DAVCOTM products are built for longevity, however we know that accidents happens and spare parts or replacements are required.

We also offer accessory products that compliment the AquaSeries range.