Gas Strut Locking Pins


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Introducing the Gas Strut Locking Pins from Davco Winch Systems – the essential component for the safe and secure installation of your gas struts.

Without these locking pins, the installation of your gas struts is incomplete, leaving them at risk of slipping or shifting while in use.

Our Gas Strut Locking Pins are designed to be fitted to the gas strut rod thread, providing a secure and stable connection between the gas strut and the Diamond Pad Eye. They are designed to work seamlessly with the built-in spring function of the gas strut, automatically folding in behind at the end once the gas spring is extended.

These locking pins play a crucial role in the safe operation of your gas strut, without manual depression, the gas strut cannot return to its original state. Installing these pins ensures controlled lifting, adjusting, and pushing rigid locking, improving safety and prolonging the life of your gas struts.

Choose Davco Winch Systems for your next gas strut locking pin purchase, our products are made with high-quality materials to ensure a long-lasting and safe solution for your marine equipment.

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